Interesting Dates-Car Accident

I have gotten back into the dating game and have had some fun experiences that I would love to share with you. I think that best would have to be on Memorial Day.

I was going out with a guy in my neighborhood for the first time. We were going to meet some of his friends at a miniature golf place about 15 minutes away. We had just turned out of my street when I seen a black Honda Pilot that looked just like my mom’s that had been in an accident. As we got closer I was looking at the license plate it was my mom’s license plate number. I turned to my date and said “Umm, I think that is my mom. That is her license plate number.” He replied “Do you want to stop?” Of course I said yes. He pulled into a church parking lot and I ran over to my mom (it is Utah there is a church on every corner.) Apparently she had ran a red light and got hit by another car. I ended up spending 45 minutes with her while we waited for the tow truck and the police to finish up. All the while my date sat in his car. I felt super bad but my mom didn’t have anyone else to call.

Once the police said she could go, she volunteered to walk home. She was in so much shock there was no way I was going to let her. So then I told my date that we had to take her home. He agreed and drove my mom to her house. By the time we dropped her off and she was settled, we were 80 minutes late. He said that his friends were still waiting, so we met up with them and everyone was very understanding but it was a really weird night for me and I had a hard time focusing on the date.



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