50 Date Ideas

As I have been dating again I am frequently asked for good ideas for dates. Here are 50 that I came up with.

  1. Go to a rodeo
  2. Go to a demolition derby
  3. Get frozen yogurt (Red Mango is my favorite place to go)
  4. Visit a local tourist attraction
  5. Go to a thrift store and choose an outfit for your partner
  6.  Release Sky Lanterns 
  7. Watch a Disney Movie
  8. Have a Bonfire
  9.  Wine Tasting
  10. Terrarium building
  11. Make a dessert
  12. Make dream boards
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Go on a night hike
  15. Road trip to a close tourist attraction
  16. Find a food truck to have dinner at
  17. Go to a drive in theater
  18. Go camping
  19. Go to an aquarium
  20. Spend a day at a lake (or the beach)
  21. Go miniature golfing
  22.  Get a couples massage
  23. Have a Netflix marathon
  24. Go to a comedy club
  25. Take a painting class
  26. Go to the Zoo
  27. Go to a waterfall
  28. Rent a canoe and go canoeing
  29. Read a book together
  30. Go to a museum
  31. Take a train ride
  32. Have a water fight
  33. Go to a carnival
  34. Watch 80’s music videos
  35. Go bowling
  36. Karaoke
  37. Go to an amusement park
  38. Take a drive to the country and watch the sunset
  39. Visit a mom and pop diner
  40. Go skinny dipping
  41. Go dancing
  42. Cheese tasting
  43. Go to a color festival
  44. Get snow cones
  45. Run a 5k together
  46. Volunteer at a hospital
  47. Go horseback riding
  48. Write a short story together
  49. Play a board game
  50. Take a sushi making class



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