Sittercity vs.

Since I have been on a very low income for the last year, I took up some part time babysitting gigs.After doing some research I decided to try both Sittercity and Both were very easy to use. I was able to look for babysitting gigs that fit my schedule, near me and would pay what I was looking for. I submitted a lot of applications to both sites and never had any response on After about a month of submitting applications on Sittercity I did have a few responses and have babysat for a few families.

I had the most success by looking on Facebook. I did a search for local babysitting groups and found a couple and joined them. I posted that I was looking to babysit and had a few people message me. Finding people through Facebook was a lot faster and resulted in better babysitting gigs.

I would love to hear your stories.



I hate Thanksgiving. I know I am the only person that does but let me explain. I am allergic to pumpkin and turkey so that takes out the majority of the food. I don’t like green food or sweet potatoes. And what the hell is cranberry jelly? Ugh. I hate eating gross food for a holiday that everyone raves about. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy giving thanks, but why the food… Every year I threaten to bring my own food and some day I will.

Another reason I don’t like Thanksgiving is family. Now I am sure some of you agreed with that. Haha. Everyone in my family gets divorced, I mean everyone. So holidays have always been crazy because no one wants to celebrate on a different day. After 22 years of holiday chaos I am pretty used to it. But one of the things I don’t like about Thanksgiving is that extended family comes into town. Some of my extended family is pretty cool so I don’t care, but there is a certain great aunt and uncle that always treat me and my sisters like shit. They act like we are stupid and don’t remember them. Well this year was no different.

When I arrived at my Grandma’s house with my little sisters, they were in the process of showing my aunt this Youtube video about Millennials. Then after the video they started to talk about how bad my generation is and how scary we are. I will admit we are a very interesting generation but still I know that they were doing this because they were trying to subtly hint to my dad about me. Anyways I don’t like to start fights so I pretended to ignore them. Then it was time to eat, so I went with my sisters into the dining room where their daughter had been sitting for about  5 minutes. As I went around to my seat I noticed that not only had she dished up her plate before everyone else was even seated but she had also started eating. NOT COOL!!! Mind you she is in her 50’s. Here her parents are in the other room talking about how entitled my generation is and their own daughter was in the other room stuffing her face. I was pretty offended.

But the whole dinner thing gave me a great idea on the direction for my blog… I am going to blog about life as a millennial, because apparently that is all my generation does. So I hope you all enjoy the new direction of the blog.



What your lash artist really wants to tell you

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you know that I love doing lashes. There is nothing quite like giving someone a gorgeous set of lashes. But, as a lash artist there are a few things that I wish my clients would understand. Lucky for you, I have them all here.

  • Your natural lashes fall out. It is natural, just like hair falls out of your head. So yes, after 2 weeks they will not look as full.
  • It is okay to wash your lashes. Trust me, you can gently clean your lashes. I hate spending half of your appointment cleaning them because you don’t.
  • Yes, I know that you really wear mascara with your lashes. How? You didn’t clean the mascara off them.
  • No, your lashes didn’t just fall off. I can tell the difference between when they fall off and when they are pulled off. Don’t lie to me!

From lash artists every where please follow the care instructions we give you. If you haven’t been given care instructions please see my post about FAQ’s on lashes.

Keeping That Summer Tan

Let’s face it, we all love that summer tan. But as September rolls around that tan starts to fade. Wouldn’t you love to keep that tan??? I know I would. And I do. I use the following products to extend my tan life. I want to share these products with you so you can too.

Designer Skin Tiny Bubbles Body Wash & Bubble Bath – I love this body wash. I would use it even if I wasn’t trying to increase my tan life. It is a super creamy wash, that lathers up really easily. It has an amazing summery smell that is a blend of pineapple and coconut. This body wash has vitamins that hydrate the skin and increase tan life. I have been using it for a couple of months and my tan is not fading.

Designer Skin No Apologies Tan Enhancing Shave Lotion– I love this shave lotion. It has made my hair grow in slower and lighter. Since I started using it, I only have to shave once a week. My legs still look super smooth. I would also recommend getting a really nice razor to prevent razor burn.

Hempz Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer – Using a lotion to hydrate your skin keeps your tan longer. As you tan you are causing your skin to dry out, by using lotion you are re hydrating that skin and so it doesn’t shed as fast as skin that isn’t hydrated. I like using the Hempz lotion because it seeps into my skin rather than sitting on the surface. 


Welcome to my blog

Hi, my name is Lynn and this is my blog. I started this blog to share my wonderful adventures with the internet. I am really excited to start on this journey of blogging. I have been toying with the thought of lifestyle blogging for a little over a year but I always have managed to find an excuse to not start. I finally decided that there was nothing to lose so here I am. Enjoy!