What your lash artist really wants to tell you

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you know that I love doing lashes. There is nothing quite like giving someone a gorgeous set of lashes. But, as a lash artist there are a few things that I wish my clients would understand. Lucky for you, I have them all here.

  • Your natural lashes fall out. It is natural, just like hair falls out of your head. So yes, after 2 weeks they will not look as full.
  • It is okay to wash your lashes. Trust me, you can gently clean your lashes. I hate spending half of your appointment cleaning them because you don’t.
  • Yes, I know that you really wear mascara with your lashes. How? You didn’t clean the mascara off them.
  • No, your lashes didn’t just fall off. I can tell the difference between when they fall off and when they are pulled off. Don’t lie to me!

From lash artists every where please follow the care instructions we give you. If you haven’t been given care instructions please see my post about FAQ’s on lashes.


Living With F***ed Up Brows

Most people have heard of the new eyebrow tattoos’ that are sweeping the nation. Yes, they look great and they are semi-permanent. But what happens if yours get screwed up? Here is my story on the horrors of Microblading gone wrong.

Back in April one of the girls I worked with had took a class on microblading. I had been considering getting mine down but didn’t have the money to go anywhere. After her class she told me it was super easy and that she was very confident that she could give me exactly what I wanted. So I agreed to let her do them.

We went into the salon one day that everyone else was off. The night before I had spent a good deal of time getting them how I wanted. I was getting the microblading so I wouldn’t have to tint my eyebrows and to fill in a bald spot. She quickly drew on the shape without measuring any of the dimensions. She then handed me a mirror to check the shape. They were a little bit thicker than I wanted so she told me she would go on the inside of the red line (she only drew the outline of the brow.) About 15 minutes of being cut open she hands me the mirror to look at them. My face was super swollen from all the pressure she had applied to my face, it was hard to tell how they would look with out it swollen. She then tells me that on my touch up there were a couple of spots that she would need to fix but I was bleeding to much to fix them now. Being so new to this I figured that was normal and went home.

A few hours later I was eating dinner and blood started running down my face. My family was freaking out as blood was pouring from my brows. It was awful. I hadn’t touched them before they started bleeding, they just started.I have had other tattoos and have never had that happen. I was freaking out. I texted the girl I worked with and she didn’t know why it was happening.

Over the next week the swelling went down and I realized I had f***ed up brows. One of my brows was super thick and long while the other one was pretty close to what I wanted. I couldn’t believe it. The eyebrows she had drawn on were not what I had on my face. I was devastated. I finally contacted our boss because I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to punch the other girl in the face. All I could think about was how I was supposed to tell clients that she did an amazing job, even though she didn’t. My boss talked to the other girl and found out that after the first pass of cuts the guide had come off and she decided to free hand it. I was so pissed I couldn’t even work with her. She quit the next week to do microblading and to TEACH microblading. Yes, TEACH microblading.

All I wanted to do was tell people how bad she sucked and that she had f***ed up my face. But I believe in Karma so I didn’t and obviously still haven’t because otherwise I would be listing her name and company.

After she left, the boss took a microblading class and found out you can remove them by cutting a little bit deeper and doing a saline salt wash into the tattoo. I have had that done twice now and they have lightened but they are still there because she went to deep into my skin. I am now stuck with hideous brows and will probably have some nice scars because of her mistake. I have 2 choices at this point; get them redone with a darker pigment where I want them or wait for them to fade out. Either way I don’t get pretty brows like I wanted. In fact they are worse now. I will probably just get them redone so I don’t have to pencil them in…

I did want to share my pictures through out this adventure.

IMG_20160403_115030707_HDR.jpg(Day I got them done)

IMG_20160404_103755914_TOP.jpg(Day after I got them done)

IMG_20160428_201956461.jpg(Day of first removal)

IMG_20160605_130621364_TOP(day after second removal)


IMG_20160704_154551671.jpg (current brows, not penciled int)

Keeping That Summer Tan

Let’s face it, we all love that summer tan. But as September rolls around that tan starts to fade. Wouldn’t you love to keep that tan??? I know I would. And I do. I use the following products to extend my tan life. I want to share these products with you so you can too.

Designer Skin Tiny Bubbles Body Wash & Bubble Bath – I love this body wash. I would use it even if I wasn’t trying to increase my tan life. It is a super creamy wash, that lathers up really easily. It has an amazing summery smell that is a blend of pineapple and coconut. This body wash has vitamins that hydrate the skin and increase tan life. I have been using it for a couple of months and my tan is not fading.

Designer Skin No Apologies Tan Enhancing Shave Lotion– I love this shave lotion. It has made my hair grow in slower and lighter. Since I started using it, I only have to shave once a week. My legs still look super smooth. I would also recommend getting a really nice razor to prevent razor burn.

Hempz Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer – Using a lotion to hydrate your skin keeps your tan longer. As you tan you are causing your skin to dry out, by using lotion you are re hydrating that skin and so it doesn’t shed as fast as skin that isn’t hydrated. I like using the Hempz lotion because it seeps into my skin rather than sitting on the surface. 


Questions I Get Asked as a Lash Artist

I spend the majority of my day at work applying eyelash extensions. Which is amazing!!! I love lashing. Hands down it is my favorite thing to do. I get asked a lot of repeat questions and wanted to write a post answering those questions. So in case you forgot to ask your lash artist or they don’t know the answer. Here are answers to commonly asked questions concerning eyelash extensions. If you do have questions I didn’t cover feel free to ask me.

Can I remove these at home?

-Absolutely not. There are other blog posts out there that say if you put coconut oil on eyelash extensions you can remove them. While your extensions may come off using this method, you will lose a good portion of your natural lashes. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people do this. Not only do you lose a lot of lashes, you also cause a lot of eye irritation. Please don’t remove them at home. Find an artist that will safely remove them for you. Some artists also use this method, so pretty please discuss the removal before hand.

Can I clean my lashes?

-Yes. By all means, please clean your extensions. Just be careful what you clean them with. You need to use an oil-free eye make up remover. Don’t rub your extensions carefully brush over them, apply very little pressure. Always use a clean lint free cloth when cleaning them. I really like the Mary Kay Cleansing Cloths. You can order them here: http://www.marykay.com/

Can I use a lash growth serum?

-I recommend using one to all my clients. I personally use Lilash eyelash serum. I have noticed results with my lashes. I have been able to go longer on length using a growth serum and I feel like I can go longer in between fills. Make sure that you are using a growth serum that doesn’t have oils in it. The oils can cause the glue bonds to break down and you will lose lashes sooner. You can order Lilash here http://www.lilash.com

Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?

-Although there are a few mascaras that are lash extension safe the best rule of thumb is no. When you have things like mascara sitting on lash extensions you are adding additional weight onto your extensions that your lash artist wasn’t planning on. That weight can cause breakage. Also the products in mascara can cause the glue bonds to deteriate causing you to lose extensions sooner. Mascara is hard to clean off lashes even with out the extensions on. When you add extensions to the eyelash it is even harder to clean them without ripping out natural lashes. My best advice: If you feel the need to wear mascara you are in need of a fill.

Can I get my extensions wet?

-I always advise to wait at least 24 hours before getting them wet. If you can go longer that is better. Depending on the glue your lash artist used, the glue can still be active for up to 24 yours. When you get them wet before the glue is done curing, you can cause irritation and the lashes to move. I personally wait 3 days at the minimum to get mine wet.

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

-As long as they are properly applied there should not be any damage to your natural lashes. If your eyelid starts to become sore about a week after your feel you have multiple natural lashes glued together. Contact your lash artist and ask her to separate them. I have had a lash artist glue mine together and I felt like I had to rip out my natural lashes for relief. Please don’t do that.

I hope you have enjoyed. Please let me know if you have any other questions about lash extensions.

Do Not Try This At Home-Beauty Edition

I have very strong opinions on things that you shouldn’t do at home when it comes to beauty…

I am compiling a list of those things as well as reasons on why you shouldn’t do them at home.

  1. Take of acrylic nails- The typical method of taking of acrylic nails is to pop them off. This is very damaging on your natural nails. Trust me I have seen way to many nails that look that way. Go somewhere and have them professionally removed (not a salon where they also pop them off). Before having them remove your nails ask what method they use to remove the acrylic, if they say they pop them off, find a new place please…
  2. Remove eyelash extensions- This is similar to the above. If you can’t wait for them to naturally fall out don’t take them off at home. Yes, there are tons of blog posts out there about how to remove eyelash extensions, and why they may work, you will rip out your own lashes. Go see a professional. If your lash girl won’t remove them find one that will. It is worth going to someone to have them removed if you get to keep your natural lashes. If you literally can’t wait, take manicure scissors and carefully trim the extension to match the length of the natural lashes.
  3. Bleach your hair- I understand that times can be tough and you still want to look your best. If this is the case color your hair a darker color that doesn’t involve bleaching out. Ideally, I wouldn’t recommend coloring your hair at home at all, since box dyes are extremely difficult to remove from hair. But bleaching at home causes so much damage. There is a reason that Cosmetologists are required to go to school, it is to learn how to properly do hair with out the damage. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen girls come in with bleach damaged hair that they did at home. Just don’t try it. If money is tight and you have to have it bleached, look for deals on Facebook, Groupon, Craigslist, etc. or even go to a beauty school. Just make sure the person you are going to or is under supervision, at the time. by someone that is licensed and holds a current license.