Inauguration Day

The day the whole United States has been anticipating is finally here. And you know what? I feel amazing. I am excited to see what the next 4 years bring. For a long time this country has needed change. I am not saying President Trump is the best choice. But between him and Hillary he definitely was. The country has already been under Hillary’s”command” before. It was time for someone else to be in charge. 

Although I am excited for the next four years. I also fear for those innocent people in areas where the rioting is happening. They are just people trying to live their lives. They aren’t out there trying to riot, they are trying to get home or to work. I hope that the riots are peacefully. I don’t care what you are rioting about the moment it becomes violent I don’t support you. 

I hope you all have a great and safe day. 


What Was Your Most Prized Possession as a Child?

Not to long ago, before iPods and CD’s there were tape players. Some of you may even remember them. Well I had one. It was Little Tikes brand and had a cool little microphone. Like most tape players you could record tapes, every once in a while my mom would buy my tapes so that I could record things. This tape player was the bomb. I can honestly say it was my most prized possession as a child. I took it everywhere with me. I even took it when I ran away one summer. As I got older I out grew the need of a tape player, mostly because technology evolved. But I never got rid of the tape player, and I have kept in a box full of childhood memoirs to someday show my own children.

Flying Mugs

One thing I really hate about the winter is how easy it is to get sick. I have been fighting off a cold for the past few days, and I am losing. I have been trying to just take it easy and rest. While resting I enjoy drinking tea. (I may have a tea obsession). Well today I went to get a mug out of the cupboard and I open my cupboard and out flies a mug. The mug hit me on the stomach and then shattered on the floor. Mind you I have been in just a bathrobe all day. I started screaming and my dad comes rushing into the room. I am standing in the kitchen with a shattered mug on the floor, and he says to me “What is going on in here?” So I proceed to tell him what had happened and then he accused me of putting the mug there so that when he opened the cupboard it would take him out. I, of course, denied the accusation since I would never do anything like that. We joked about it for a few minutes.

You may wonder why I am telling you this, and here it is. Always make sure that mugs are not in a position that they could fall out of the cupboard because it hurts like a b**ch when they hit you.

Sittercity vs.

Since I have been on a very low income for the last year, I took up some part time babysitting gigs.After doing some research I decided to try both Sittercity and Both were very easy to use. I was able to look for babysitting gigs that fit my schedule, near me and would pay what I was looking for. I submitted a lot of applications to both sites and never had any response on After about a month of submitting applications on Sittercity I did have a few responses and have babysat for a few families.

I had the most success by looking on Facebook. I did a search for local babysitting groups and found a couple and joined them. I posted that I was looking to babysit and had a few people message me. Finding people through Facebook was a lot faster and resulted in better babysitting gigs.

I would love to hear your stories.

10 Reasons I am Never Leaving Home

Since winter is here I have done a lot of reflecting on how great living with my dad is. I decided to compile a list so others can understand why I am never leaving home. 

  1. I don’t have to shovel the driveway. 
  2. I don’t have to scrape snow of my car. 
  3. I have 3 cars that I can drive so depending on the forecast I can chose a car best suited for the day. 
  4. We have a house cleaner. 
  5. I don’t take out the garbage. 
  6. I don’t do dishes 
  7. My bedroom has 4 closets. 
  8. I don’t have to go grocery shopping 
  9. I don’t have to put gas in my car. 
  10. And last but not least I don’t have to pay any of the bills that come by living on your own. 


I hate Thanksgiving. I know I am the only person that does but let me explain. I am allergic to pumpkin and turkey so that takes out the majority of the food. I don’t like green food or sweet potatoes. And what the hell is cranberry jelly? Ugh. I hate eating gross food for a holiday that everyone raves about. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy giving thanks, but why the food… Every year I threaten to bring my own food and some day I will.

Another reason I don’t like Thanksgiving is family. Now I am sure some of you agreed with that. Haha. Everyone in my family gets divorced, I mean everyone. So holidays have always been crazy because no one wants to celebrate on a different day. After 22 years of holiday chaos I am pretty used to it. But one of the things I don’t like about Thanksgiving is that extended family comes into town. Some of my extended family is pretty cool so I don’t care, but there is a certain great aunt and uncle that always treat me and my sisters like shit. They act like we are stupid and don’t remember them. Well this year was no different.

When I arrived at my Grandma’s house with my little sisters, they were in the process of showing my aunt this Youtube video about Millennials. Then after the video they started to talk about how bad my generation is and how scary we are. I will admit we are a very interesting generation but still I know that they were doing this because they were trying to subtly hint to my dad about me. Anyways I don’t like to start fights so I pretended to ignore them. Then it was time to eat, so I went with my sisters into the dining room where their daughter had been sitting for about ¬†5 minutes. As I went around to my seat I noticed that not only had she dished up her plate before everyone else was even seated but she had also started eating. NOT COOL!!! Mind you she is in her 50’s. Here her parents are in the other room talking about how entitled my generation is and their own daughter was in the other room stuffing her face. I was pretty offended.

But the whole dinner thing gave me a great idea on the direction for my blog… I am going to blog about¬†life as a millennial, because apparently that is all my generation does. So I hope you all enjoy the new direction of the blog.



What your lash artist really wants to tell you

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you know that I love doing lashes. There is nothing quite like giving someone a gorgeous set of lashes. But, as a lash artist there are a few things that I wish my clients would understand. Lucky for you, I have them all here.

  • Your natural lashes fall out. It is natural, just like hair falls out of your head. So yes, after 2 weeks they will not look as full.
  • It is okay to wash your lashes. Trust me, you can gently clean your lashes. I hate spending half of your appointment cleaning them because you don’t.
  • Yes, I know that you really wear mascara with your lashes. How? You didn’t clean the mascara off them.
  • No, your lashes didn’t just fall off. I can tell the difference between when they fall off and when they are pulled off. Don’t lie to me!

From lash artists every where please follow the care instructions we give you. If you haven’t been given care instructions please see my post about FAQ’s on lashes.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now…

If I could go anywhere in the world this moment, I would go to the Galapagos islands. Why you ask? Have you ever seen pictures? The water looks so blue not to mention it is warm there. The Galapagos islands are known for some of the best spots for wildlife observation, which we know from Darwin’s observations, in fact there is even an island named after him. 

If you could be Disney princess…

Today’s blog post topic: If you could be any Disney princess who would you be and why??

If I could be any Disney princess I would be Ariel. I feel like I can relate a lot to Ariel. Growing up forced to live a life that I didn’t want and watching the life I want from the sidelines. In the last few years i have gotten the opportunity to get the life I want. But in the process of getting that life I know I have upset my family. 

While I didn’t sign my soul over to a half octopus, I have done a few things I am not proud of. I am grateful though that my family has forgiven me and still loves me.

I also feel like I have a tie to Ariel because I am obsessed with the ocean. Ariel is obsessed with land. Although there are opposite we both are very obsessed with the aspect of living somewhere else. 

The scoop on septum piercing

I have always wanted to get my septum pierced. I love that this piercing can be hidden and if for some reason you decided that you no longer wanted it, there would be no visible scar. I finally worked up the courage to get it pierced (I hate needles). 

Of course I went to a professional piercing studio, the last thing I want is to get some disease just because I wanted a piercing. You don’t get a ton of choices when it comes to the initial jewelry, once it’s healed you can switch to something else. I chose a silver (horseshoe) piece so that I would be able to flip it up while I am at work. 

I went back to the room where they pierce you. The piercer explained the procedure and had me lay back onto a table. She then sanitized my nose and began prepping for the piercing. It was at this moment I began regretting my decision. I almost got up and left. I was so scared it would hurt. She covered my face with a paper towel and then gave me breathing instructions. She told me that she would pierce on the second breath out. To myself I was thinking why did you say anything just surprise me. But I did as I was instructed and she pierced on the first great out!!! I was so happy she did. I already had a lot of anxiety. 

Surprisingly it didn’t hurt at all. Because of the location my eyes did water a little bit, but it wasn’t bad. It felt like more of a tickle. Next she had to put the jewelry in. I am a bleeder. I am the kind of person that when I get cut there is a lot of blood. Being the person I am I did warn my piercer about this. As she pulled the needle. I could feel the blood running out of my nose. She quickly cleaned it up and finished. Afterwards she did tell me that there is hardly any blood with septum piercings. But I had the most she had seen for that piercing. 

The aftercare is pretty easy. I have to wash with a saline solution twice a day and in three months I can switch my jewelry. I absolutely love my septum piercing and the whole process was not bad at all. If you are thinking of getting one I would recommend just doing it. It wasn’t painful and it was a real quick process. 

As you can see in the picture it is a small piece of jewelry. I love the way it looks.