Sittercity vs.

Since I have been on a very low income for the last year, I took up some part time babysitting gigs.After doing some research I decided to try both Sittercity and Both were very easy to use. I was able to look for babysitting gigs that fit my schedule, near me and would pay what I was looking for. I submitted a lot of applications to both sites and never had any response on After about a month of submitting applications on Sittercity I did have a few responses and have babysat for a few families.

I had the most success by looking on Facebook. I did a search for local babysitting groups and found a couple and joined them. I posted that I was looking to babysit and had a few people message me. Finding people through Facebook was a lot faster and resulted in better babysitting gigs.

I would love to hear your stories.


Making Money-mTurk

mTurk is a crowdsourcing site created by Amazon. There are a variety of tasks that you can do. Some of my favorites are surveys and data entry. My favorite task was one where I recorded words that I was saying. Payment ranges from $0.01 up to $2.50 (or that is the highest I have ever seen). One of the things that I love about mTurk is that there are always tasks available.

I will usually log on to mTurk while I am watching TV. I typically earn about $4 in one hour (it isn’t great but is extra money). There are some people that claim to make $10+ an hour

You can chose how you get your payment. I save mine up for purchases on Amazon.

If you are looking to earn a few extra dollars check out mTurk:



Make Money-Survey Savvy

As many of you know, I go to school full time. Luckily because of the way that I am going to school I do make some money, but it really isn’t a lot. (I bring home about $600 a month) I order to support my shopping habits I do extra things to make a little bit of money here and there. One of the places I go is Survey Savvy.

I have been using Survey Savvy for a few years now and have had really good experiences. I have always gotten my check quickly after requesting it. One thing that I love about Survey Savvy is that you can request payment after $1. I have never seen a survey that the payment was under $1.

One thing that you should know about Survey Savvy is there isn’t always a ton of surveys. But they surveys they do have are interesting.

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