Camping T-Shirt

If you have have read my blog post Bucket List then you know that I have wanted to create a killer T-shirt. Well I have my first one done and I want to share it with all of you. Go to to see the shirt. Free shipping until 5/31/16. Thank You for your support



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I am pretty sure you have heard about Ebates before. Around Christmas time, there were a lot of commercials being played about Ebates and getting cash back for Christmas. Maybe some of you signed up, maybe some of you were skeptical. Well, I am here to give you my honest review of Ebates.

I signed up for Ebates in May of 2013 after a Facebook friend posted a link and said that she had started using them. When I signed up I got a gift card if I made a purchase. I went ahead and made a purchase at a site that I was going to be making a purchase at anyways. A few weeks later I got my gift card in the mail. I was nervous that it wasn’t going to be a real gift card, so I went over to Target  (I had gotten my gift card to there) and used my gift card. It worked!!!! From then on out I used Ebates every time I shop online.

I elected to get my payment through a paper check. There is also an option to get paid through PayPal that a lot of my friends have choosen. Ebates mails the cashback checks 4 times a year. I love it because it is a little extra surprise when I get the check in the mail (I usually forget about it).

I downloaded the Chrome Extension from Ebates so then I get a notification if I am on a site where I can get cashback. I love that feature of Ebates because sometimes it can be easy to forget to go to Ebates to start your shopping trip. I also love that Ebates often has coupons for some of the stores I shop at, that aren’t available elsewhere.

I have used Ebates for almost 3 years now and have gotten over $300 back. It may not seem like that much but it is an extra $300 I wouldn’t have had. Plus, there are a lot of times I actually go shopping in the mall. If I bought everything online that number would be tripled ;). I hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to check out Ebates.