What your lash artist really wants to tell you

If you have read any of my previous blog posts you know that I love doing lashes. There is nothing quite like giving someone a gorgeous set of lashes. But, as a lash artist there are a few things that I wish my clients would understand. Lucky for you, I have them all here.

  • Your natural lashes fall out. It is natural, just like hair falls out of your head. So yes, after 2 weeks they will not look as full.
  • It is okay to wash your lashes. Trust me, you can gently clean your lashes. I hate spending half of your appointment cleaning them because you don’t.
  • Yes, I know that you really wear mascara with your lashes. How? You didn’t clean the mascara off them.
  • No, your lashes didn’t just fall off. I can tell the difference between when they fall off and when they are pulled off. Don’t lie to me!

From lash artists every where please follow the care instructions we give you. If you haven’t been given care instructions please see my post about FAQ’s on lashes.