Pumpkin Spice is appearing!!!!

Well that time of year is quickly coming. Pumpkin Spice flavored things are appearing. A local coffee shop is already serving Pumpkin spiced drinks. The pumpkin spice boycott memes are appearing on Facebook. Pretty soon the vests with long sleeved shirts and skinny jeans (dubbed the “Hans Solo” look) will be on every female, or so it seems.

I am not really one for fades in food. So I had never tried a pumpkin spiced drink before. I know I am probably one of the few middle class white girls that hasn’t had one (not meant to be racist). One of my clients at the salon I work at is an assistant manager at a local Utah coffee shop, convinced me that I should try pumpkin spice in my chai. Now let me tell you I love my chai the way it is. I am a chai-alcoholic and super picky about how chai should taste. So I was a little reluctant to try it.

Yesterday, while at the coffee shop she suggested I try it again. I agreed and I was pleasantly surprised (I should also disclose I am not really a fan of pumpkin). It really complimented the chai flavor well without being pumpkin tasting (I was afraid it would taste like raw pumpkin). I actually will probably have another one or two this season. However, I don’t imagine the addiction that everyone talks about. I guess we will see.