Movie Review-Nerve

I just seen the new movie “Nerve”. Let me just say, it is a must see. I have never been a person to see a movie twice in the theater but I will be seeing this one again. Why, do you ask? It is simple, the story of the movie is one that anyone who actively uses social media can relate too.

A quick synopis of the movie: Vee (Emma Roberts) joins an app that is similar to truth or dare without the truth after her friend tells her that she needs to take risks. During her first dare she meets Ian (James Franco), and the watchers start daring them to do things together. Throughout the movie the dares continue to get more and more life threatening. In the end Vee and Ian are dared to kill each other. (There is a lot of good stuff that happens in between but I don’t want to give to much away). Vee and Ian won’t complete the dare so another player steps into the ring to shoot Vee. All of the watchers agree that he should kill Vee so he does. Once she is shot all of the watchers names become public with a message saying they are an accessory to murder.

I love the message of this movie because it deals with cyber bulling in a way that you wouldn’t think of. Vee and Ian are bullied into completing these dares that threaten their lives because they both have a reason they can’t back out of the game. Having a sister that is middle school I can’t believe how many girls she knows that are cyber bullied. These bullies think that they can hide behind a screen and username and whatever they say or do has no effect on the real world. The truth is, everything that is done online has an affect. How many times do we hear that someone committed suicide because of something that was said online? How many times have we had our feelings hurt because of something someone said to us online? It happens way to often. People need to realize their actions online do have an affect.

I strongly urge everyone to see this movie. It really is an awesome movie with a great message that everyone can use. Even if you aren’t an active user of social media, there is still something to learn.


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