When I Grow Up I Want To Be….

Every kid has been asked this question countless times. Of course the answers change as the child gets older.In high school, there are classes and programs to help you choose the best career for you. I remember when I was in one of these classes I told the teacher I wanted to go to Harvard and be a Lawyer. The teacher laughed at me and told me my GPA wasn’t high enough to do that. After that day I really just gave up one school and figured I would be happy with whatever life handed me. (Don’t get me wrong I love what I do)

But do you ever stop and think if I could be anything you want, no holes barred, what you would be? Of course, my first choice would be a celebrity. I would love to be famous. I would love going to fancy parties, have everyone know who I am, have lots of money. After awhile I think it would get pretty boring.

I think I would much rather be a princess in one of the Disney Parks.I would love to make children smile. I would love acting like a princess all the time. I would love to wear the pretty dresses. I really think a job like that would suit me well. And in a way, it would be a celebrity of sorts.




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