Living With F***ed Up Brows

Most people have heard of the new eyebrow tattoos’ that are sweeping the nation. Yes, they look great and they are semi-permanent. But what happens if yours get screwed up? Here is my story on the horrors of Microblading gone wrong.

Back in April one of the girls I worked with had took a class on microblading. I had been considering getting mine down but didn’t have the money to go anywhere. After her class she told me it was super easy and that she was very confident that she could give me exactly what I wanted. So I agreed to let her do them.

We went into the salon one day that everyone else was off. The night before I had spent a good deal of time getting them how I wanted. I was getting the microblading so I wouldn’t have to tint my eyebrows and to fill in a bald spot. She quickly drew on the shape without measuring any of the dimensions. She then handed me a mirror to check the shape. They were a little bit thicker than I wanted so she told me she would go on the inside of the red line (she only drew the outline of the brow.) About 15 minutes of being cut open she hands me the mirror to look at them. My face was super swollen from all the pressure she had applied to my face, it was hard to tell how they would look with out it swollen. She then tells me that on my touch up there were a couple of spots that she would need to fix but I was bleeding to much to fix them now. Being so new to this I figured that was normal and went home.

A few hours later I was eating dinner and blood started running down my face. My family was freaking out as blood was pouring from my brows. It was awful. I hadn’t touched them before they started bleeding, they just started.I have had other tattoos and have never had that happen. I was freaking out. I texted the girl I worked with and she didn’t know why it was happening.

Over the next week the swelling went down and I realized I had f***ed up brows. One of my brows was super thick and long while the other one was pretty close to what I wanted. I couldn’t believe it. The eyebrows she had drawn on were not what I had on my face. I was devastated. I finally contacted our boss because I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to punch the other girl in the face. All I could think about was how I was supposed to tell clients that she did an amazing job, even though she didn’t. My boss talked to the other girl and found out that after the first pass of cuts the guide had come off and she decided to free hand it. I was so pissed I couldn’t even work with her. She quit the next week to do microblading and to TEACH microblading. Yes, TEACH microblading.

All I wanted to do was tell people how bad she sucked and that she had f***ed up my face. But I believe in Karma so I didn’t and obviously still haven’t because otherwise I would be listing her name and company.

After she left, the boss took a microblading class and found out you can remove them by cutting a little bit deeper and doing a saline salt wash into the tattoo. I have had that done twice now and they have lightened but they are still there because she went to deep into my skin. I am now stuck with hideous brows and will probably have some nice scars because of her mistake. I have 2 choices at this point; get them redone with a darker pigment where I want them or wait for them to fade out. Either way I don’t get pretty brows like I wanted. In fact they are worse now. I will probably just get them redone so I don’t have to pencil them in…

I did want to share my pictures through out this adventure.

IMG_20160403_115030707_HDR.jpg(Day I got them done)

IMG_20160404_103755914_TOP.jpg(Day after I got them done)

IMG_20160428_201956461.jpg(Day of first removal)

IMG_20160605_130621364_TOP(day after second removal)


IMG_20160704_154551671.jpg (current brows, not penciled int)


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