Questions I Get Asked as a Lash Artist

I spend the majority of my day at work applying eyelash extensions. Which is amazing!!! I love lashing. Hands down it is my favorite thing to do. I get asked a lot of repeat questions and wanted to write a post answering those questions. So in case you forgot to ask your lash artist or they don’t know the answer. Here are answers to commonly asked questions concerning eyelash extensions. If you do have questions I didn’t cover feel free to ask me.

Can I remove these at home?

-Absolutely not. There are other blog posts out there that say if you put coconut oil on eyelash extensions you can remove them. While your extensions may come off using this method, you will lose a good portion of your natural lashes. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people do this. Not only do you lose a lot of lashes, you also cause a lot of eye irritation. Please don’t remove them at home. Find an artist that will safely remove them for you. Some artists also use this method, so pretty please discuss the removal before hand.

Can I clean my lashes?

-Yes. By all means, please clean your extensions. Just be careful what you clean them with. You need to use an oil-free eye make up remover. Don’t rub your extensions carefully brush over them, apply very little pressure. Always use a clean lint free cloth when cleaning them. I really like the Mary Kay Cleansing Cloths. You can order them here:

Can I use a lash growth serum?

-I recommend using one to all my clients. I personally use Lilash eyelash serum. I have noticed results with my lashes. I have been able to go longer on length using a growth serum and I feel like I can go longer in between fills. Make sure that you are using a growth serum that doesn’t have oils in it. The oils can cause the glue bonds to break down and you will lose lashes sooner. You can order Lilash here

Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?

-Although there are a few mascaras that are lash extension safe the best rule of thumb is no. When you have things like mascara sitting on lash extensions you are adding additional weight onto your extensions that your lash artist wasn’t planning on. That weight can cause breakage. Also the products in mascara can cause the glue bonds to deteriate causing you to lose extensions sooner. Mascara is hard to clean off lashes even with out the extensions on. When you add extensions to the eyelash it is even harder to clean them without ripping out natural lashes. My best advice: If you feel the need to wear mascara you are in need of a fill.

Can I get my extensions wet?

-I always advise to wait at least 24 hours before getting them wet. If you can go longer that is better. Depending on the glue your lash artist used, the glue can still be active for up to 24 yours. When you get them wet before the glue is done curing, you can cause irritation and the lashes to move. I personally wait 3 days at the minimum to get mine wet.

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

-As long as they are properly applied there should not be any damage to your natural lashes. If your eyelid starts to become sore about a week after your feel you have multiple natural lashes glued together. Contact your lash artist and ask her to separate them. I have had a lash artist glue mine together and I felt like I had to rip out my natural lashes for relief. Please don’t do that.

I hope you have enjoyed. Please let me know if you have any other questions about lash extensions.


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