If You Could…

Today while I was on Facebook, a friend of mine posted this question “If you could go back as far as the day you were born and make one phone call to yourself, warning yourself about something that has happened in the past, what would you tell yourself on that call?”

I thought a lot about that. What is one thing that would completely change by warning myself? For a long time I have thought that if there was anything I could change it would be to never date my ex C. (I am just going to call him C). My life would be very different, I would still have my car (he totaled a beautiful Chevy Equinox), I would probably not be going to school, I would have never worked at Discover. Now some of those things are good things that I would have never had to opportunity to do, but when I was dating him I also had some of the worst times of my life.

As I was thinking about that I realized that changing that isn’t what I would change. If I could warn myself about one thing, it would be that J (another guy in my life, I like to just call people by their initials) would ask me to be his girlfriend and that I should say yes. That is the one thing that would have given my the life I still dream of. I would have never dated C, I would still have my car, I would have support in the decisions I made to go to school, I could have moved out. There are so many things that could come out of that one thing.

I am curious though, if you could warn yourself about one thing, what would it be?


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