Do Not Try This At Home-Beauty Edition

I have very strong opinions on things that you shouldn’t do at home when it comes to beauty…

I am compiling a list of those things as well as reasons on why you shouldn’t do them at home.

  1. Take of acrylic nails- The typical method of taking of acrylic nails is to pop them off. This is very damaging on your natural nails. Trust me I have seen way to many nails that look that way. Go somewhere and have them professionally removed (not a salon where they also pop them off). Before having them remove your nails ask what method they use to remove the acrylic, if they say they pop them off, find a new place please…
  2. Remove eyelash extensions- This is similar to the above. If you can’t wait for them to naturally fall out don’t take them off at home. Yes, there are tons of blog posts out there about how to remove eyelash extensions, and why they may work, you will rip out your own lashes. Go see a professional. If your lash girl won’t remove them find one that will. It is worth going to someone to have them removed if you get to keep your natural lashes. If you literally can’t wait, take manicure scissors and carefully trim the extension to match the length of the natural lashes.
  3. Bleach your hair- I understand that times can be tough and you still want to look your best. If this is the case color your hair a darker color that doesn’t involve bleaching out. Ideally, I wouldn’t recommend coloring your hair at home at all, since box dyes are extremely difficult to remove from hair. But bleaching at home causes so much damage. There is a reason that Cosmetologists are required to go to school, it is to learn how to properly do hair with out the damage. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen girls come in with bleach damaged hair that they did at home. Just don’t try it. If money is tight and you have to have it bleached, look for deals on Facebook, Groupon, Craigslist, etc. or even go to a beauty school. Just make sure the person you are going to or is under supervision, at the time. by someone that is licensed and holds a current license.

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