20 Things About Me

  1. I am the oldest of 4 girls.
  2. I was born in Utah.
  3. I have traveled to 15 states.
  4. I have over 400 pairs of shoes.
  5. I am an extremely picky eater.
  6. I ate a grasshopper once.
  7. I haven’t drank soda since I was 16.
  8. I love dirt biking.
  9. I hate the winter.
  10. I love the beach.
  11. I am slightly neurotic.
  12. I have had plastic surgery on my ears.
  13. My favorite color is black.
  14. My drink of choice is Chai.
  15. My dream job would be a princess in Disneyland.
  16. My favorite princess is Ariel.
  17. My favorite store is Buckle.
  18. My favorite shoe brand is Toms.
  19. I am scared of dogs.
  20. I danced for 15 years.

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