My Bucket List

Since I will be blogging about my adventures while completing my bucket list, I thought I would share my bucket list. If any of you have completed anything on my bucket list, please share your experience.

  • Run a Disney Marathon
  • Go on a TOMS Giving Trip
  • Open a successful Etsy Store
  • Design a killer-awesome T-shirt
  • Own a corvette
  • Backpack through Europe
  • Learn Italian
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Visit all 50 States
  • Meet Florida Georgia Line
  • Horseback to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

This list will continue to grow as I discover new things I might want to do. I am excited to share my experiences with you in completing these things.



2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Sartenada says:

    •Learn Italian. Yes, language learning is great, because on travel You can speak better with residents. Is Italian good selection? Are You going to travel there? Spanish is spoken in Spain, Central America and South America. Portuguese in Portugal and Brazil. So much more counties than Italy.


    • LynnLivingLife says:

      I have family that is Italian and that is why I would like to learn Italian. But yes, Spanish is more widely spoken then Italian.


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