Life with Grey Hair

If you have read my about me post, you know that I am currently apprenticing for my cosmetology license, which means I spend a good deal of time in a salon every week. Living in a conservative area, I do a lot of root touch ups and balayage. But for me as a person I feel like I have to venture into the unknown on my own hair. And currently that is grey.

In the past year, I have had a few of different hair colors. I have had cherry cola, pink, blonde, grey and blue, black, and now I am back to grey and blue. Each color has brought a full new experience for me. I feel like everything has to change, even the color of lip gloss I wear. For me, black has been the easiest color and blonde has the hardest color, followed closely by pink.

I am a natural blonde. Yes, I can admit it. I was able to start dying my hair when I was 16 and I wanted to go darker. I felt like I never looked good as a blonde and so I made a slow transition and finally landed on black. I wore black hair for a 4 years (there was a 6 month span where I attempted blue into red. It did not work).1506529_467540526727396_865859589717569458_n

Then last year I got this crazy idea to start adding red to my black. It was a beautiful cherry cola. red hair

It was then I decided that I wanted Ariel red hair. In order to get that though I had to lighten my hair a lot. So the first day I was in the chair for over 8 hours and left with this.


Yes. I had pink hair something I had never even considered having. I tried to make the best of the situation of pink hair but after 4 weeks I couldn’t take it any longer. And back to the chair I went. This time I ended close to my natural. PS I don’t look good with my natural.


I then entered the most painfully 4 months of my life. There was nothing I could do to make my hair look normal. It constantly looked dry even though it wasn’t. On the days I would actually put make up on I would still look so washed out, I am not sure why I bothered with make up. My hair would go brassy so fast that I eventually resorted to having my mom and sister help me apply toner to keep it looking okay. Now I am the kind of person that typically gets my hair done at the most 6 weeks apart. I went 4 months (one of the girls I worked with went on a maternity leave early) without even getting my roots done. It was so horrible.

After the experience of trying to remove the pink, I decided the Ariel red was a no go. So I decided to attempt blue and grey and I got it.


This is by far one of my favorite colors I have had. I feel like I can go without putting makeup on everyday, and even when I do wear makeup I can wear very little. However, this is the color that I feel the most judged in.

Constantly, people are staring at me, even worse then when I had pink hair. I will have people ask if I am wearing a wig, I have a lot of people tell me that it is weird to on purpose have grey hair. I had one person tell me they liked me with brown hair ( I do not see brown when I look at this). Very rarely do I actually have people tell me they like it. The thing that most people don’t get is, I am the same person with every color of hair. ( a few people think I am rebelling, at 22 I am not sure why I would rebel.) I am still a nice person. I still have values. I still respect people. I am still a hard worker. I know how to be professional regardless of the color of my hair. Bottom line I am still me.

There are a lot of people that are to concerned with how other people will see them if they have a certain color of hair. But at the end of the day, if you are happy with yourself and love the way you look that is all that matters. Of course it bothers me that people judge based on a hair color. I have changed my way of thinking. They are the ones missing out not me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing the way different colors of hair look on one person. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them. Thanks for your support.




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